Why Am I Blogging?

This is a question I’ve asked myself a few times, in addition to… “Does anyone really care what I have to say?”

I felt that these were valid questions that needed answering, since I am going to be putting time and effort into sharing my thoughts – I don’t want it all to be a huge waste.

People write for a lot of reasons.  But I think that if you’re going to write and publish it in the public domain, you’re writing because you want others to read what you have to say.  It follows, therefore, that if you want others to read what you’re writing, there needs to be something in it for them.

What you need to offer people is value.  You’re writing must be valuable to people. The best way to provide people value is to genuinely want to help them in some way.

So that’s it, right there.  I’ll be writing because I want to help others.  I’ll be writing because I want to help you.  Specifically, I’ll be trying to help you with:

  • health, fitness and nutrition,
  • the efficiency and effectiveness of your business practices,
  • education and personal development,
  • other useful resources on the web.

Everything I write may not resonate with you…but my hope is that much of the content I post here will help you in some way.  Whether it be a sentence that you needed to hear in order to take action, or a link to resource that helps you overcome an obstacle, or a photo that makes you laugh and brightens your day somehow.

That’s why I’ll be blogging.

Now…let’s see if I can help you :) Caluferdire .

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