Humble CrossFitters Are Smart CrossFitters

This post ties in (a little bit) with my last one, on 5 Reasons Why You Need CrossFit In Your Life.

CrossFit is great and I think that everyone can find their best fitness using its principles.  However, some people will stop short of joining a CrossFit gym, even though it might be exactly what they need.


Well, its pretty simple really.  CrossFit has an image problem.  While many of you know CrossFit inside out, newcomers do not.  To the newcomer, ‘CrossFitters’ often appear arrogant, elitist and belittling of others abilities.

Therein lies CrossFit’s biggest challenge.  For CrossFit to be embraced by all, it needs to ditch the arrogance.  Humility is far more becoming of someone who possesses a great gift – say, Elite Fitness.  We’ve all met someone arrogant in our lives; possibly even someone in the CrossFit community.  Its ugly.  Don’t be that person.  Its a waste and you’re giving the rest of us a bad name.

Michael Houghton, of CrossFit 951, has written a great article talking about the need for more humility in the CrossFit community.  You need to be subscribed to the CF Journal to be able to read it.  Its well worth the money if you’re not already signed up!

We need to recognise that the world of fitness does not begin and end with CrossFit.  Everything has its place – yes, even Bosu balls – and we’ve all come from different exercising histories.  Accept the fact that some people don’t want what you have. Be helpful, courteous and encouraging.  Don’t scoff and explain why someone’s routine has been a complete waste of time.  No one likes to hear that.  No one likes to be made to feel like an idiot.

If you don’t learn this the easy way (i.e. reading this post) you’ll certainly learn it the hard way – you’ll wind up with no clients.

Being humble is really simple – keep your mouth shut :)

At its worst, CrossFit arrogance can be almost enough to turn you away for good.  At its best, CrossFit it changes lives.

I know which I’d rather be dishing up. find a domain Gallaserguna .

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2 Responses to Humble CrossFitters Are Smart CrossFitters

  1. Charlotte says:

    Sorry to say, but this is exactly why I have yet to join Crossfit. All posts I’ve read smack of elitist jargon,”Forging elite fitness.” there you go. Every crossfiter I’ve come across is very condesending. I usualy take some of the crossfit information and mix it with other princples. Then I go to my “GLOBO” gym, workout, swim, sit in the hotub, sauna, shower, and use other facilites that cost 1/4 of what I’d pay to go to someones garage. Seems a little Emperors New Clothes to me.

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