3 Steps to Creating Your Perfect ‘Career’

This revelation has been a while coming, but I’m beginning to see it pretty clearly now.

If you want to build your perfect ‘career’, for want of a better word, in just 3 steps, this is how:

  1. Find your passion. This part is critical.  Obviously you’ll never be successful at any venture or work that you’re not wholeheartedly interested in.  If you have no idea what your passions are or where they might lie, then you need to get a little more adventurous and start trying your hand at things.  In fact, you’ll probably find the whole process of getting outside your comfort zone and pursuing new things really invigorating and exciting (if nothing else…)  For more help on this, check out a post on Leo Babauta’s website: How To Find Your Amazing Work.
  2. Focus on being excellent. This is easy when you’re passionate about your work.  Nothing can stop you.  Soak up information like a sponge.  Get educated.  Talk to people in your field.  Find mentors and learn from them.  Practice your craft and ask for feedback on how you can provide a better service or product.  Anyone can be average at something.  The successful minority are passionate about excellence.  Have a think about this…no doubt you know someone in your life who is passionate about something – some might use the word ‘obsessed’ – and it drives them.  If you don’t care to be excellent in your field, then its likely that many people won’t care to be your client.  People naturally gravitate to those who are excellent over those who are mediocre.
  3. Deliver value. This is the last piece of the equation.  Deliver your service to people in the most effective and efficient way you can.  Not only this, focus on delivering as much value as you can to your clients.  Obviously, don’t forget point 2 above – don’t deliver huge amounts of mediocrity.  Deliver massive amounts of excellence!  If you can’t deliver masses of it, at least deliver something (but make sure its excellent).  Concentrate on the ways you can provide value to clients immediately.  Value delivery is something often neglected by people.  It may seem obvious, but if you are excellent in your field and no one knows about you, then its hard for you to deliver value to anyone.  The good news is its easier than ever to deliver value to anyone and everyone – home and abroad.  The internet has changed the playing field – you can share stuff with people today…even right now.  So broaden your horizons and start delivering value in any way you can think of.  You might surprise yourself with just how many ways there are to do this.  For more on this, I recommend you check out Steve Pavlina’s poignant yet humorous article: How to Make Lots of Money During a Recession.

There you go.  Its that simple!  Find your passion, pursue excellence in your passion and then deliver your excellence to as many people as you can. subdomains

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