Two Basic But Useful Blogging Tips

I’ve had a leave of absence from the blogging realm over the last few weeks and during this time I have learned two very useful tips that pertain to blogging and the blogo-sphere.

  1. Write a heap of content before you launch a new blog. Hindsight is an amazing gift and it tends to be the only way to learn this lesson.  Most people won’t listen to this tip even though its written here – I certainly didn’t listen when I read about it over at ‘The Art of Non-Conformity.’ It is, however, a true gem if you bother to do it.  I would recommend writing approximately 2 months worth of material before you ever press the publish button on your blog.  This will mean that you have some articles up your sleeve for when you can’t churn out new material during a busy period of your life.  The internet is littered with blogs that start off wonderfully and then are left to die a horrible, silent death.  Write lots early and have it in reserve.
  2. Remember to pay your website hosting bills. This is also a no-brainer.  But for the last two months, I have forgotten to pay my hosting service fee on time, leading to the suspension of my account and subsequent suspension of this blog.  Not a great thing to have happen if you’re trying to reach an audience with your words…

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