Silly Bullshit

I’m borrowing a term from Mark Rippetoe here for the title of this post because I feel it aptly describes an  affliction that plagues modern humanity.

Please visit this link:

And then tell me that isn’t some of the silliest bullshit you’ve ever seen or read.

If you purchase that equipment and honestly think it can help you, then you deserve to have your AUD$512.93 taken off you and to stay fat.  That Slimray Laser Liposuction doodad is silly bullshit.

I’m not sure why or how or when the concept of being able to remain fit and healthy without having to do anything became common place, but it is totally absurd.  What’s more disturbing is that people are more willing to attach an expensive fucking laser to their abdomen than actually do some exercise and stop eating shit.  Unbelievable.  Seriously unbelievable.

The success of products like this makes me seriously question the future of the human race.

Exercise some common-sense please friends and use your brains.  Don’t get sucked in by silly BS.

***If you’re truly lost for a place to start, read this:

Robb Wolf’s interview with Arthur De Vany is brilliant for beginning to understand what it takes to be healthy and fit.***

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