Take charge of your mobility

One of my all time favourite CrossFit coaches has just started a new blog.  Naturally, the content is superb – relevant, quick and effective.  As someone who suffers the plight of being a desk jockey all day, I can safely say that spending 5-10 minutes a day on fixing your ‘business’ is the absolute LEAST you can do for yourself.

You can check out Kelly Starrett’s new project here: mobilitywod.blogspot.com

At present, he’s posting a daily mobility WOD design to break up your stored up dysfunction.  Get onto it!  Most of these WOD’s take less than 1o minutes and can be done before your regular CrossFit WOD.

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  2. Really enjoy reading your material on crossfit training. Your blog is filled with useful information. Thanks,

    Jon Mays

  3. ernie lezo says:

    I am new at crossfit I have been doing insanity.so unless I see the workouts I have no idea how to do most of the workouts.are there any beginners videos,books to get an idea.please let me know. Thanks

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