How I won the ovarian lottery and why I have no excuses

When I first read Warren Buffet’s Philanthropic Pledge I was amazed.  What a guy!

Firstly, lets get a couple of things straight.  I’m not a billionaire and I certainly have no reliable gifts when it comes to picking stock market winners.  Nor do I particularly aspire to being or doing either of those two things.

Money is great – up to a point.  I mean, how much do you really need to live a life you enjoy?  Its probably less than you think.  Tim Ferriss is great at reframing your perspective on these matters.  You’ll likely find its your lack of imagination rather than money that is limiting your enjoyment of life and what you’ve chosen to fill it with.

But the real point that slaps me in the face when reading Warren’s pledge is this concept of winning the ‘ovarian lottery’.

In short, fate’s distribution of long straws is wildly capricious.

Like Warren, I’m also lucky enough to have been born in a free country, one that is prosperous and safe.  My parents loved, supported and cared for me.  I’m educated and have always been in good health.  I’ve never gone hungry nor has a really true need ever gone unfulfilled.

Given all this, by the hand of fate, what excuse do I have for not making something of myself?

Being lazy, fearful, apathetic or uninspired is an insult to all those who were not afforded the gifts that I was.  The privilege that I’ve received bears with it a responsibility to better myself and the world in the process.

Its very likely that if you’re reading this post (i.e. you can read, have access to electricity, a computer and the Internet) you’ve won the lottery too.

Don’t insult the world.  Make something of yourself.  Because your life isn’t as tough as you think it is.

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3 Responses to How I won the ovarian lottery and why I have no excuses

  1. Dalida says:

    Thank you, Michael, just what I needed…

  2. Johnny says:

    This is a brilliant post! Thanks.

  3. Mike says:

    Thanks for reading Johnny – and thanks for the comment!!
    Seeya tomorrow for a Schwartz-ing.

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