Now, using my brain, does this make sense?

Certain things just don’t make sense to me. Take Snuggies for example. I mean, I get thatit’s a blanket with sleeves – but is that really necessary? Is a regular blanket such a ‘fail’ because it doesn’t have sleeves? Do your arms really get that cold? Do you really need to be using your arms that badly when you’re trying to rug up? And yes, you do look stupid wearing it.

Ever since reading the musings of Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson and Art De Vany I really enjoy trying to verify claims made by other ‘professionals’ within the context of our evolution.

It provides a really effective sanity check of most things you do in your life. For example, chocolate bars easily fail this sanity check. So does a sedentary lifestyle, bicep curls, the Pec Dec, sugar and grains. The corollary of this is why deadlifts, sprinting and eating meat make sense.

Last weekend, I was blessed enough to be able to bring a 9-week old puppy into my (and my girlfriends) life. Naturally, this week has been a big learning experience for me and him (little Harry).

Harry does what comes naturally to him. He wants to chew on things, run, play, touch, sniff, poop, wee, scratch, jump, sleep, bark and cry (to name just a few).

It made sense, at least to me, to evaluate whether or not things might be suitable for Harry based on what he’d be facing in his natural environment. For example, he should play as much as he can until he is so tired he just wants to sleep. This involves running him around at the park. Feeding is another example. What do you think Harry should eat? Something that resembles real food? Like meat? Possibly some bones?

Well, apparently, both of the decisions we made are incorrect. According to the Vet we visited today, Harry should be eating 90% ‘dog food’ and is forbidden to play at the park.

Their suggestion?  Keep him inside and feed him cooked chicken and rice.

Does that sound reasonable for an animal that is a direct descendant of a wolf? Sounds like silly B.S. to me.

How would a wolf (or a dog) cook anything? More importantly, how does a dog get food if it’s locked up indoors?

The Vet prescription sounds like a surefire recipe for a sick and incapable pup.

I’m going to compile some more data/research and see what I come up with on this issue. Stay tuned for a follow up, with what I anticipate to be a pretty compelling case for why you shouldn’t feed your dog shit food.

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  1. Akku says:

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