Organic – The word that now means nothing

This is carbon and, yes, it's in all your food. If it has carbon, it's organic. Duh.

The likelihood of an item of food not being organic, i.e. not composed of carbon atoms, is ZERO. Of course food is organic!  How could it not be?

I’ve seen organic used to describe everything from cereal to dog food to t-shirts to the predicted growth of a computer company.  Marketing and the almighty quest for a quick buck has well and truly fucked this word for good.

The problem arises because of the ambiguity in how people define this word.  Words only work when two or more people agree on a specific meaning or definition for a word.  In this case, organic can mean many things.  However, because no businesses declare exactly what they mean when they use the word ‘organic’, it only serves to cloud everyone’s understanding of what they’re trying to say.

For example, when what does the word ‘organic’ mean in relation to breakfast cereal?  Does it contain carbon molecules?  Sure.  Does it come from the earth?  Yes.  Were the ingredients used in the production of the cereal grown without pesticides, chemical growth compounds or genetic modification?  Who knows?

The word organic is now a fad.  And organic does not equate to healthy.  Continuing with the cereal example, all cereal, organic or not, is junk food.

As always, use your brain, stay informed and don’t get sucked in by layman hype.

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3 Responses to Organic – The word that now means nothing

  1. Johnny says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs that is our grocery aisles at the mo.
    Not only the ‘food’ on the shelves, but the lack of transparency as to what’s ‘in’ them.
    Any calls for further industry regulation??

  2. Mee says:

    Never thought of it that way. You’re absolutely right. Thanks.

  3. Mike says:

    Good call Johnny, but I doubt the regulation would really help now. The confusion and damage is done. I like Jack LaLanne’s idea: if man made it, don’t eat it. Nice and simple and will steer you to a good decision 99% of the time.

    Thanks for your comment :)

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