Some Interesting Facts About Bottled Water

Hydration is super important and you should be taking it as seriously as your diet. But have a think about where you get your water from… especially if you like to complain about how expensive petrol is :)

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The Facts About Bottled Water

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7 Responses to Some Interesting Facts About Bottled Water

  1. R. Wilson says:

    Why people aren’t paying attention to these facts are beyond me…

  2. Ken Richard says:

    Well, a much preferred idea to bottled water is a simple water container which can be carried around wherever you go. Besides, plastic isn´t a healthy container for water over time, especially if the container has been exposed to the sun; some of the molecules that go into fashioning the plastic end up in the water itself. Umm, thirsty.

  3. Will Bruce says:

    Has the person that made this pretty little chart ever considered the fact that people obviously aren’t going to stop drinking bottled water and that this is a pointless goal? Yes, these are valid points but you failed to consider the many benefits that bottled water and the bottled water industry has. For a more unbiased presentation of facts I’d suggest you visit:

  4. Steve Daniel says:

    Probably seems like a small thing, but bottled water typically has no fluoride. Baby boomers got fluoride to late so they had small fillings that leaked and became large fillings that leaked that are now having to be root canaled and crowned or extracted. Baby boomers parents had no fluoride and had rampant decay. They were called the ” IWO JIMA Generation ” or the “denture generation”. Baby boomers children had flouridated water and have few or no cavities. Now, the baby boomers grandchildren have no fluoride in their bottled water……….. Hmmmmm……. I wonder if there will be a connection. DDS

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