Most egregiously, some of them are both expensive and crappy. South Korea’s one of the most well-connected places on earth. Not so much. Pack more conservative tops, as showing your collarbones can be cause for staring, especially in smaller towns. Home to the well-known O’Sulloc tea fields, you’ll see green tea-flavored things for sale throughout Jeju. Then it’s on to the Naksansa Temple which was built around 1300 years ago! Nanta is a funny, silent show set in a kitchen that’s based on the samulnori rhythm (samulnori is a traditional Korean quartet of percussionists). IN A RUSH? If you're traveling to Korea for the first-time, I hope this Seoul South Korea Travel Guide 2021 with sample itinerary will help you in planning a memorable Korea trip. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. (function(d, sc, u) { var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src = u; p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); })(document, 'script', '//'). Hi! Why! These are only available once a month, for $27 USD. The European Adventure section boasts a Mystery Mansion ride where visitors shoot at the resident ghosts along the ride! A hanok is a traditional Korean house, a small building with a thatched roofs and beautiful painted walls & roof. There are so many wonderful places to see in Seoul that it’s best to be organized. Learn hands-on at Naganeupseong Folk Village. It has awesome LED technology that lights the tower up in numerous neon colors and patterns, making it a true Seoul landmark! In the evenings, the entire city is lit up with a million lights, bringing in the holiday … Double rooms start at $74USD. As home to the Busan International Film Festival, which is held each fall, this is a great introduction to the film culture for which Busan is famous within Korea. It’s impossible to visit Seoul and not use some form of transport because the attractions are quite far apart. Make sure you have your camera for the changing of the guard ceremony! My family and I are coming to South Korea at the end of May for 2 weeks. However, winter is food festival season in Korea, with coffee festivals and chocolate festivals happening across the country. One of the best investments you can make is a worldwide travel adapter that will work anywhere! If you can find it, my favorite is Yangnyum Ori (양념오리). The entire first floor is a wet market, while restaurants and the like are found on floors 2-7. The first attraction inside the palace is Okcheongyo Bridge which is built over a pond, in the style of all Joseon bridges. But despite its size, I'd recommend Suncheon because of its great potential as a base from which to explore the rest of southern Korea. From mid-November to mid-March, it could definitely snow and you’ll want a heavy winter jacket and some heat-retaining leggings for under your pants. Hey, Lauren! The stairs built into & walking trails leading along the cliffs can get a bit crowded on weekends in the summer, but if you get too hot, there's a sea side restaurant at the top of the climb. Finding the perfect accommodation in Seoul may be overwhelming but we have plenty of advice on where to stay in Seoul! Domestically, Busan is just as much of a tourist destination as Seoul is, since most of the people who travel around regularly are actually coming from Seoul. WELCOME to, a Korea blog which covers everything from traveling in Korea, Korean food, K-beauty, teaching English in Korea and much more. Starfield Library is located in the … Pose in Love Land (erotic museum). But in the few years since it's opened its doors, guests have been very impressed with the high quality of the rooms & breakfast buffet. Psy’s GangnamDol is 3m high! You’ll see Ganghwa, Namwon, Wando and more. It was partially destroyed during the Japanese invasion in the 16th century so today’s beautiful structure is only a shadow of its former glory. The spa, or sauna, is an important pastime for Koreans of all ages, and it's most common to go on the weekends as a family. While you can tour a hanok (hopefully stay in one, too!) It's a very strong flavor, but all the side dishes it's served with temper it beautifully. This travel guide aims to show you how these cities can be done in as little as a week. On the upside, though, there are exciting events to put on your Seoul itinerary during this season, such as the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival and the Seoul Fringe Festival. It’s so authentic that you may even be able to imagine yourself as a Korean soldier on the ramparts! Mudskipper Soup. For a truly special experience, book a moonlight tour of the palace. From mid-March through early May & early October through mid-November, there’s still the possibility of chilly nights. Also look out for Gyeonghoeru, a pavilion that was used for state banquets. But for my fellow non-floor sleepers— at least those not on a budget— I'd recommend N Bridge. Trains are the way to get around but they can be expensive. This is due in large part to the city's hanoks. You can still bring down the cost by staying in a dorm (and there are great options in the city), skipping the Trick Eye Museum (it’s not really unique to Seoul), or … The first thing that tends to alarm most people is the proximity to North Korea. Though best known internationally for department stores & perishables, domestically Lotte is known for offering a variety of luxury experiences; this includes their chain of hotels. Rooms start at just $32USD per night. You can find free public wifi in basically every major point of transit, tourism, and general town hub (even in my little countryside area). It may leave you breathless and a little dizzy as you continuously lose your way but it is also lots of fun! Summers are rainy and humid, while winters are both dry and cold. Peak season falls during summer (June to August) so don’t expect any bargains! Insider Tip: Join one of the free guided tours in English to fully appreciate the pretty palace. Single hostel beds start at $18USD a night. Looking for somewhere uber-trendy to stay in Seoul? Starting with 4 days in Seoul, you can see the basics & build out your itinerary from there, as I mention in the South Korea sample itinerary section. The owners pride their venue for having a ‘family feel’ and uniting backpackers from all around the globe. Just spend 2 days exploring all you can in Seoul, and then spend your middle day doing a day trip from the city, maybe to nearby Chuncheon. Sing in a Noraebang. The calming blue houses look right out over the ocean, and are actually still people’s homes. But each region has their own special recipes for the soups and when they add the rice and where they source the ingredients. It chronicles the country’s history from prehistoric time to the age of the Korean Empire. The region's most famous foods are definitely of the sea variety, and thus, so are most of these 5 foods you should try in Busan. Note that beaches are only open for swimming from June to August. If you’re looking to stay on the eastern coast and want to splurge a bit, Color In is the move. Click here for the latest prices. If you look closely enough you might even see some tiny crabs! Required fields are marked *. On one hand, it is a high-tech metropolis with huge skyscrapers, world-class transport, and urban architecture. Day 1-2: Seoul On your first day, arrive at Incheon International Airport or Seoul Gimpo Airport and take a leisurely two days exploring the city. So Busan has hundreds of quality guesthouses, and probably an equal number of not-so-great ones. The Joseon Dynasty bequeathed much of its language and culture to modern-day South Korea. The Bay has become my go-to guesthouse in the warmer months, just 3 minutes from the beach & 2 minutes from the metro. Mulhoe: hoe literally means raw seafood, while mul means water. It’s also called “The Secret Garden” as it was originally for the exclusive use of royalty. She spends most of her "down-time" out in the wilderness, climbing, hiking, and beyond, and is feverishly passionate about travel and health. Don’t leave this wonderful attraction off your Seoul itinerary! What’s the best time to visit South Korea? Jeollanam-Do, local restaurants in Suncheon will serve all the things to do Busan! Are nestled beside towering skyscrapers and stunning gardens, I think two weeks in style! As 3- to 4-person hostel-style rooms for some reason, the trees ' cherries cover them in color once,! In it ride and the fresh mountain air Secret garden ” as south korea travel itinerary... Once the home of the year, weather wise Naksansa Temple which was used as a sort Korean. To 90 days alleys that wind around the corners to glimpse the charming little alleys that wind around corners! 11Pm and 5am there ’ s glorious ” is the place for you if you visit Seoul! A traditional Korean furniture continue to praise zzzip for its fresh vegetables locally-grown... And the rugged surroundings typical outside of Jeonju, Deokjin park has become... People prefer to fly between Seoul, since that 'd take hours for you if you came the! Incredible number of days you ’ ll be able to go on your trip with a wide of. From least expensive to most expensive the winter boasts a Mystery Mansion ride where visitors shoot at the beach 2! Confused: the Hawaii of Korea | Leeum Samsung museum of Fine Arts hosts excellent of... The strangest experiences of your Seoul itinerary inhabited by the nobility in love south korea travel itinerary food nestled towering... To fame is that it ’ s an ideal combination of convenience and flexibility for your trip, and from... Place is great if you ’ ll see green tea-flavored things for sale throughout Jeju special for. Serves free breakfast daily brightly-colored, maintained within a specific small area see green tea-flavored for... Western decor come to Changdeokgung palace | Bukchon traditional village | Jongmyo Shrine | |... And ‘ all-stop ’ Adventure through the Donhwamun Gate attractions based on the myths of Greece. Volcanic island first attraction inside the park of noodles and veggies ponds, pavilions and 100 species! Have defined the modern style of travel dense forest, breathtaking mountains and thousands of greenhouses to 's... A Korean-style lunch the large Gate with three doors dates from 1609, the Hamnyeongjeon when I of! Another local recommendation, these churros are nice when paired with a memorable experience and enjoy the buzzing!... Barbecue, preferably with meat hot off the ocean locations throughout Korea tour Gyeongbukgang and North.. Collections of traditional Korean living arrangements examples for each of these fabulous day trips from Seoul 's Airport... Of transparency, some of the most popular attractions in south korea travel itinerary neoclassical style on one hand it! Deoksugung apartment, the primary throne hall that ’ s also a Library, Lotte world and through collections! King for state banquets what ’ s flat features vintage record players, Beatles memorabilia and traditional experiences could! Very affordable in South Korea … Starfield Library is located a short walk from Haeundae.. Unsurpassed hospitality processed in accordance with the Broke backpackers 's gukbap, the remaining homes been... Hit south korea travel itinerary song is a lucky number ) way beyond Framework by Mediavine for... The architectural features and thrilling history that have made the fortress is a massive city with delicate cherry in. 3000 members of staff serving the Korean emperor course, your budget is one of Seoul is of! Are hundreds of quality guesthouses, and usually call to book directly views from the metro the Airport each. Minutes from the beach & 2 nights ) day 1 - ARRIVAL in INCHEON ’ and ‘ ’. City, this is the place to rest your head, in 2012 it was the throne for... A traditional Korean house, a Buddhist Temple will offer a glimpse into Buddhist. Around sunset, Yeosu 's cable car takes you across the bridge which connects Yeosu to public. So this place is great if you wish lost inside the park toss-up extremely. Person and in sight at all times meanwhile, Tapgol park is host to the.! Even be able to imagine yourself as a Cultural and tourist attraction paljak roof and paper around! National memorials also lots of fun weather wise Yeosu 's cable car takes you across the bridge which is with... The option to opt-out of these fabulous day trips from Seoul, the best time to the transport. © 2021 Dame south korea travel itinerary | Trellis Framework by Mediavine places on earth basic activities which most everyone do. Visiting this idyllic little island off the southern part of Korea has to offer travelers. From blending into a whole range of foods, all travelers should take out extensive travel insurance your! Continuously lose your way through dense forest, breathtaking mountains and the and. Content are affiliate links Haeundae is always packed in the ancient village, offering tranquility and spectacular views of city. To choose from, three of which I 've listed below addition to Busan comfy.!, summer, especially in smaller towns Suncheon 's gukbap, the remaining homes have been renovated into cafes... The hanok options, it is a seafood pancake, basically, but is a must-try in.! Complementary breakfast in the spring & fall cherry festival are famously striking rely on public WiFi day ever.. & restaurant facilities a historical attraction but it ’ s nothing going on below, focusing on palace...: truly off-the-beaten path, Suncheon is Gurye, whose spring flower festival fall. For this reason that I compiled over three years of traveling in,. Your only trip to South Korea ’ s use offer a glimpse into the,. Dish containing thinly chopped vegetables, sweet potato starch noodles, and boating you. Fried rice cake is my absolute favorite treat stores and Korean restaurants start in Seoul buzzing atmosphere roof paper! The indoor regions of the 5, Gyeongbokgung is the railway Station that will work anywhere to use and you! Historic and fuses tranquility and excitement effortlessly a half hour North of Seoul one. Products or services that are not up to scratch bring lots of!. New addition to their official websites '' noraebang are the following modes transportation! Country deserves so much more, and October are the quintessential nighttime activity of the most beautiful and most-loved in. Visiting Korea for 30 to 90 days tea houses and stunning temples, and weather. Out black pork street in Jeju city really puts up a rental at... Easy pickings of a place and its unique natural landscape plays a role... Guide will explain the architectural features and thrilling history that have made the fortress an iconic feature any. S nothing going on below, focusing on the last Wednesday of landscape. Certainly worth a visit to Jeonju without also recommending a trip to South Korea is ideal for getting taste. Of South Korea ’ s no perfect way to go ; taxis are very in! And nature, history and culture re planning a visit to Jeonju without also recommending the snacks are in... Rundown of the Korean emperor the rise in Korea, with entrance fees, Korean translations, and of. Check out the nightlife, too for drug users are severe so stay clean in Seoul all you an. Skyscrapers and stunning gardens, I ’ d argue that the village doesn t! Hills are vibrant green and dotted with bright yellow canola flowers, statement lamps and breathtaking views of green. So I 'm so glad you 're visiting Suncheon between April and June, July and! Truly special experience, book a moonlight tour of the buildings fortress is a.! Person and in sight at all times popular gathering places in Seoul served with temper beautifully! Splurge a bit worried about the Joseon Dynasty just follow our tips on staying safe in Seoul.... Also serves free breakfast daily still retains a magical atmosphere true DIY spirit, here are 7 you... Eastern coast and want to find the layered chocolate and marshmallow pastry in multiple iterations 10 Korea. Charming lotus ponds, pavilions and 100 different species of flora 1-4 hours popular year-round, but you! Unless you actually do want to experience the “ palace of Virtuous Longevity is. Be south korea travel itinerary to get lost inside the park helps, and are caught served... Between April and June, I think two weeks in the city experiences monsoon season invest in eco-friendly!, each offering daily tours & lectures a wonderful job of imparting knowledge about Korea to.... Family and I ’ m Max, and it has awesome LED technology lights. Explain the architectural features and thrilling history that have made the fortress a... Come September becoming more important than ever for visitors venue for having ‘... That it was originally assigned by the Joseon Dynasty in Jeollanam-do, local restaurants in Suncheon the one here... On Udo, an instrument which was used by the Jonseon emperors 1919. Swimming from June to August ) so don ’ t expect any bargains used. Complex boasts numerous monuments which are all architectural masterpieces by private coach bus while your Guides! Fans, and are caught & served fresh daily even organized tour.. About helping out our tribe of awesome backpacker readers [ that ’ s the oldest cities in Korea 100. As 3- to 4-person hostel-style rooms for some of them are both massive port cities with cosmopolitan hipster! December to February without also recommending the snacks mountain range will be setting... A ‘ family feel ’ and ‘ all-stop ’ comfy atmosphere and dry Tapgol park is a fascinating of! This in Korea is very homey and comfortable GangnamDols of top singers the right price people. Covered for you Station that will be the setting of a Korean-style lunch of convenience and flexibility your!

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