The Paleolithic Diet

Paleolithic Diet Explained
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How sitting down is killing you

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

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Judging a book by it’s cover: what your body says about you

It dawned on me the other day that your body, your physical self, is the most obvious portrayal of whether or not you make good decisions on a daily basis.

A body that is out of shape and unhealthy tells other that you aren’t able to look after yourself.  That you aren’t educated or disciplined enough to be able to maintain health and wellness.

Subconsciously,  your brain is constantly making decisions based on visual cues.  Obesity is a sign of pathology and your brain instantly recognises this as poor genetic material.  It’s like nature has spray painted a fluorescent ‘X’ across your chest and said, “Don’t mate with me!!”

You might laugh, but this does matter.  Irrespective of your ideals about discrimination and everyone ‘getting a fair go’, people make decisions about you based on your appearance.  And not just about your genetic fitness, but whether you might be lazy, dumb, lacking in self-control or all of the above.  Would you conduct business or be friends with people that had these character traits?

Health is a self-responsibility.  Unfortunately, since our default lifestyles don’t support health automatically any more, it’s something you’ll have to work for.  And you know what that means!  If it’s something you have to work for, you can bet your ass most people won’t do it.

Being in shape has never been more important.  Not just so you can survive, but so you can LIVE.  Don’t mistake them for the same thing.

Make the cover of your book as healthy, sexy and inviting as possible.  I promise that the personal characteristics necessary to maintain a healthy body will carry over and make everything else in your life better.  :)

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RIP Jack LaLanne

Francois Henri "Jack" LaLanne

Jack LaLanne died the other week, 23 January 2011.  A true health visionary that inspired a lot of people.

His food philosophy: “If man made it, don’t eat it.”

Rest in peace Jack.

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Organic – The word that now means nothing

This is carbon and, yes, it's in all your food. If it has carbon, it's organic. Duh.

The likelihood of an item of food not being organic, i.e. not composed of carbon atoms, is ZERO. Of course food is organic!  How could it not be?

I’ve seen organic used to describe everything from cereal to dog food to t-shirts to the predicted growth of a computer company.  Marketing and the almighty quest for a quick buck has well and truly fucked this word for good.

The problem arises because of the ambiguity in how people define this word.  Words only work when two or more people agree on a specific meaning or definition for a word.  In this case, organic can mean many things.  However, because no businesses declare exactly what they mean when they use the word ‘organic’, it only serves to cloud everyone’s understanding of what they’re trying to say.

For example, when what does the word ‘organic’ mean in relation to breakfast cereal?  Does it contain carbon molecules?  Sure.  Does it come from the earth?  Yes.  Were the ingredients used in the production of the cereal grown without pesticides, chemical growth compounds or genetic modification?  Who knows?

The word organic is now a fad.  And organic does not equate to healthy.  Continuing with the cereal example, all cereal, organic or not, is junk food.

As always, use your brain, stay informed and don’t get sucked in by layman hype.

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