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Orange is not a skin colour

Sorry ladies (and you metro men) but its not.  And you’re not fooling anyone… just looking bad in the process. In fact, if anything, research indicates that anything other than a “natural” colour points to you suffering from an actual … Continue reading

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Now, using my brain, does this make sense?

Certain things just don’t make sense to me. Take Snuggies for example. I mean, I get thatit’s a blanket with sleeves – but is that really necessary? Is a regular blanket such a ‘fail’ because it doesn’t have sleeves? Do your … Continue reading

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Silly Bullshit

If you purchase that equipment and honestly think it can help you, then you deserve to have your AUD$512.93 taken off you and to stay fat. That Slimray Laser Liposuction doodad is silly bullshit. Continue reading

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